Copilot for Microsoft 365: It’s a whole new way of working.

Stick to the important stuff. Let us and Copilot help with the rest.

Brace yourself for an office transformation bigger than the email revolution: Microsoft Copilot has arrived, and it's poised to reshape your organisation's productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.

  • AI-powered automation: Streamline tedious tasks and boost efficiency.

  • Personalised insights: Secure, data-driven decision-making for smarter choices.

  • Seamless collaboration: Foster better communication and teamwork.

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Copilot will soon be a part of the apps that you use every day. It works alongside you to help out with tedious or repetitive tasks, so you can get your most important work done, faster and easier.

  • Jumpstart the creative process of drafting a Word document.

  • Quickly summarise a long email thread in Outlook.

  • Transform a document into a PowerPoint presentation.

  • Collate information and insights across your content using Microsoft Copilot.

  • Catch up on Teams meetings you missed in a fraction of the time.


Jumpstart the creative process of drafting a Word document.

With Copilot, you can jumpstart the creative process so you never start with a blank slate again. Copilot gives you a first draft to edit and iterate on—saving hours in writing, sourcing, and editing time.

Just open Copilot in Word and enter a prompt describing the document you’d like to create. Something like, ‘Write me an 800 word blog on [x topic]’ or ‘Draft a proposal for [new business partner]’. You can also use the attachment icon to let Copilot access existing documents for relevant information.

Ask Copilot to refine the language, expand or reduce points and sections, or check for any inconsistencies. 


Catch up on Teams meetings you missed in a fraction of the time

Copilot can help get you up to speed, fast.

Arrive at a meeting that’s already started and ask Copilot to ‘Give me a recap of the meeting so far.’ You can also ask things like ‘Have I been mentioned in this meeting?’ or ‘Has anyone asked about [x project]?’

When you‘re running behind, Copilot helps you catch up without skipping a beat. 


Quickly summarise a long email thread in Outlook

Sifting through email chains for specific key points can take up valuable time—using Copilot, it’s done in seconds.

Open the email thread you’d like to use and click ‘Summary by Copilot’ near the top menu. Copilot will summarise whatever you need—so you don’t have to dig for what’s important. From there, you can ask Copilot to turn it into bulleted lists, email drafts, and more. 


Transform a document into a PowerPoint presentation

Go from basic document to a compelling presentation in seconds. Copilot can transform existing written documents into slide decks, complete with speaker notes and sources, or start a new presentation from a simple prompt or outline.

To transform a written document, open Copilot in PowerPoint and select the prompt guide. You’ll see an option to ‘Create from a file…’. Select it, find the file you’d like to build into a deck, and hit send. After a few moments, Copilot will generate a brand new slideshow, complete with eye-catching imagery and colour palettes.

Not happy with a colour or font? Just ask Copilot to ‘Make all the headings blue’, or ‘Change the font of the body copy to Times New Roman’. You can even add or switch out images, just by asking. 

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